Singapore Eco Film Festival | Session #3 – Tomorrow
The Singapore Eco Film Festival (#SGEFF) is a celebration bringing together all the environmental organisations in Singapore, to ignite a public passion for protecting our environment in Singapore & Beyond!
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Session #3 – Tomorrow


Can ground up efforts make a difference? How can successful community initiatives scale up, with the help of technology and sharing best practices, to such an extent that they are accepted as the new norm?


Fri Nov 11, 2016
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Isaac Kerlow, Director
Janice Lee, NTU
Shawn Lum, NTU


Shadows : Saving the Rain Forest

A contemporary tale of magical realism about preserving the world’s forests. The animated short is inspired by the fantasy of ancient legends and shadow puppets, particularly wayang kulit from Southeast Asia.


Constant change is a natural part of Earth’s life, and its interconnected systems can easily adapt to slow change. But the natural balance gets disrupted and life is at risk when changes happen rapidly. Our growth and prosperity are changing Planet Earth, and some of those changes may be forever.


What if showing solutions or telling a story which does some good, was the best way of resolving the ecological, economic and social problems our country is going through? Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent set out with a team of four people to carry out an investigation in ten countries in order to understand what could provoke this catastrophe and, above all, how to avoid it.