Singapore Eco Film Festival | Session #5 – Through the Looking Glass
The Singapore Eco Film Festival (#SGEFF) is a celebration bringing together all the environmental organisations in Singapore, to ignite a public passion for protecting our environment in Singapore & Beyond!
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Session #5 – Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Living in a highly urbanized city like Singapore, it is easy to avoid nature and hard to understand the realities of wildlife conservation. How can we urbanites (re)connect with nature, as outsiders looking in?


Sat Nov 12, 2016
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Chris Annadorai, Film Director
Ong Kah Jing, OKJ Discoveries
Naomi Clark, The Dorsal Effect



The Conservation Conversation
The Conservation Conversation is a documentary based on the pioneering Tembusu College initiated, student-led STEER expedition to Indonesia. It follows 24 curious explorers as they embark on an journey to appreciate the realities and challenges that grapple with conservation efforts in the modern day.

Operation Sumatran Rhino
Operation Sumatran Rhino is a wildlife conservation documentary about the Borneo Rhino Alliance’s do or die mission to save Malaysia’s critically endangered Sumatran rhino, a species that numbers less than 100 in the world, with less than 5 left in Malaysia. A quest that’s charged with emotion, danger, tragedy and hope.