Singapore Eco Film Festival | Food Voices of Transition: Disco Soup Dialogues & Movie Screening
The Singapore Eco Film Festival (#SGEFF) is a celebration bringing together all the environmental organisations in Singapore, to ignite a public passion for protecting our environment in Singapore & Beyond!
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Food Voices of Transition: Disco Soup Dialogues & Movie Screening

04 Dec Food Voices of Transition: Disco Soup Dialogues & Movie Screening

After our main festival at the Art Science Museum this past November, SGEFF is ending the year with one last event for 2016! On Dec 10, partnering with HackerspaceSG and Fermentation GutHub, SGEFF presents a collaborative food event open to everyone who likes to talk about, dance around, and eat a locally produced food.

Before the food making, Hackerspace SG will host a screening of Voices of Transition – a completely independent documentary film by Nils Aguilar ( – for its members and the Guthub community.  The film challenges audiences to tear apart the industrial agricultural system, and by introducing people and groups who are working to overcome the current, highly insecure global food situation, we might be inspired to embrace a new model of human existence: one which is fair, environmentally sound and fulfilling, with soil and people supporting each other within a balanced and sustainable system.


After the screening, we will have a common discussion about alternative food lifestyles, sustainable agriculture movements, and other food practices “in transition” such as DIY fermentation or home growing. During the discussion*, we will “chop to the beat” and make a collaborative dish from locally grown fruits, vegetables (and whatever else edible) that participants bring along. This rhythmic food making is inspired by the philosophy of Disco Soup. Ideas for dishes, songs, and dance moves can be submitted beforehand to:  Sound Beets spreadsheet.

Just another night at HackerspaceSG, trying to revive a motorized unicycle

The event will be held at HackerspaceSG, a co working space that supports collaboration between people who are keen to explore, learn and share ideas about computers, technology, science, digital and electronic art. As part of a larger community of Hackerspaces around the world, HackerspaceSG is constantly looking for ways in which to connect with global issues and bring them to the local platform. Tinkering with and tearing hardware and software apart, recycling and repurposing materials and equipment is central to the hacker way of life and the sustainability has always been a part of how Hackerspaces operate.


Fermentation GutHub is a local community of food geeks and fermentation enthusiasts based in

We’ll  be back soon to share and wrap up this first year of SGEFF and what we got up to at the Art Science Museum last month!

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