Singapore Eco Film Festival | Singapore as an Edible Garden City?
The Singapore Eco Film Festival (#SGEFF) is a celebration bringing together all the environmental organisations in Singapore, to ignite a public passion for protecting our environment in Singapore & Beyond!
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Singapore as an Edible Garden City?


03 Nov Singapore as an Edible Garden City?

Watch out for EGC’s “Grow your own vegetables initiative” at SGEFF Booth!


Edible Garden City champions the “Grow  Your own Food” movement in land-scarce and import-dependent Singapore. They want our city to grow food at under-utilised spaces like rooftops and sidewalks. They believe that growing food re-connects urbanites to nature, conserves natural resources, and cultivates a sense of community.


In 2012, Edible Gardens LLP was started with the hopes of building urban farms to help Singapore tackle its food security challenges. Today, Edible Garden City Pte Ltd employs a team of 11 full time staff members and is carving out its own niche in a new industry sector in Singapore, having built more than 30 food gardens for hotels, schools, F&B outlets, property developers and home gardens. They believe in educational initiatives to the general public and to the youths, which they do so through public talks and workshops to educational institutions. In the span of 4 years, EGC has contributed to the growing discussions of urban farming and food security in Singapore, and raised awareness of the movement and of food issues to the younger generation. EGC is looking to expanding its operations in 2016, and move into commercial-scale herbs and vegetable production on rooftops and indoor spaces in Singapore, seeking to blaze the trail to see Singapore as an Edible Garden City.

They design, build and maintain food gardens in tropical urban Singapore. The team has more than 20 years of farming, award-winning design and construction experience. They use sustainable natural growing methods, resource recycling and waste minimisation. Their mantra: Beautiful gardens should be productive too!!!

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They support communities via social projects and public outreach. They believe that every urbanite can have access to fresh produce grown naturally. As a social enterprise, our mission is to redefine the role that urban farms play not only in Singapore but globally. Urban farms are not just about using under-utilised spaces in the city to grow food, but spaces where the community can come together, reconnect with food and nature, and provide employment for people with disabilities. Urban farms can be the future community centres and help cities function in a more sustainable manner. Join us in this food movement.

What They Do

EGC champions the “Grow Your Own Food” movement in land-scarce and import-dependent Singapore.


  • design and build edible gardens
  • hotels, restaurants, schools, residences

food production

  • garden maintenance
  • veggies and herbs
  • wild foraging
  • mushrooms
  • beauty
  • bee-keping


  • online shop
  • retail placements
  • pop-up markets


  • school curriculum
  • corporate events
  • gardening workshops


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EGC is always on the search for volunteers to help in their gardens and welcome anyone who is interested in growing food! They also conduct community gardening sessions on Fridays and Saturdays 10am-1pm at Open Farm Community, 130E Minden Road. If you’re a nature lover and love the outdoors, join this fun team to create a better Singapore.

Like their facebook page and find out more information about them on their website! 😉




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